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Ensitech has invested heavily in market-leading research and development to create a complete, premium range of innovative fluids for every aspect of stainless steel surface preparation, weld cleaning and finishing. In addition to this, Ensitech fluids are now NSF certified and conform to the requirements of the NSF Non-Food Compounds Registration Programme. The NSF mark is your assurance that Ensitech pre, post and weld cleaning fluids have been tested and certified by one of the most respected independent certification organisations in existence today.

If you place a high priority on cleaning quality and speed, passivation and safety, use your TIG Brush with genuine Ensitech fluids. By following the recommended procedures of Ensitech’s Surface


Removal of contaminants prior to welding is a sensible strategy to ensure firstly that the best weld quality is obtained and then a quick and effective clean and passivation is achieved with the TIG Brush weld cleaning process.


Developed to remove residues such as light oils and greases on stainless steel surfaces. If contaminants are not removed, they can be included in the weld, leading to unsightly and difficult to remove inclusions in the weld. Using TB-01 first ensures a perfect finish.


A heavy duty decontaminant designed to remove persistent oils, adhesives and greases from metal surfaces before welding. A common hard to remove contaminant is residual adhesives and release aids that are added to steel surfaces as part of the film system to protect the metal surface in transport. Complete removal of such deposits before welding allows post-weld cleaning with the TIG Brush system to give a clean, clear, well passivated welded surface.


A light-duty, high performance fluid, which cleans, polishes and passivates stainless steel without the corrosive classification given to TB-25. Its Non-Dangerous rating makes it slightly easier to handle and economical on freight costs. For best results, neutralize with TB-42 after cleaning.

Choosing the appropriate cleaning fluid

With a choice of four innovative cleaning fluids from chemically stringent to high-powered, genuine TIG Brush stainless steel cleaning fluids simultaneously clean and passivate with proven results.


This high-powered premium stainless steel weld cleaning fluid is the strongest, fastest cleaning fluid in the range. With the highest quality components at high concentrations, TB-25 gives the user unequalled performance in cleaning, polishing and passivating on the harshest stainless steel welds. For best results, neutralize with TB-42 after cleaning.
* TB-25 is classified as a Dangerous Good (DG) and therefore a DG freight surcharge applies.


A biodegradable stainless steel weld-cleaning fluid developed for use in facilities where corrosive chemicals are not permitted. Environmentally friendly, it cleans as effectively as TB-25, but does not polish. For best results, neutralize with TB-41 after cleaning.

TB-31ND | neutral Weld Cleaning FluidVIEW DETAILS »

When you have a need for added safety, this custom designed and patented fluid is pH neutral, fast-acting and needs no separate neutralization process. It cleans and passivates without polishing, leaves no white frosting and does not alter high-polish stainless. Environmentally safe TB-31ND allows maximum safety in use, handling, storage and transport.

Neutralizing the surface

Before using any of the TIG Brush neutralizing fluids, rinse off the cleaning fluid thoroughly with clean water. Then apply the appropriate neutralizing fluid to remove any of the residual acidity. If your work has tendency to form a white “frosting” on the metal surface, the TIG Brush neutralizing products reduce this. As the white frosting can occur after many days, it is important to use your neutralizing fluid as soon as possible after cleaning.

TB-41 | neutraliZing Fluid for TB-30ndVIEW DETAILS »

Also a non-dangerous (non-flammable, non-corrosive) formulation, developed for neutralizing TB-30ND, TB-41 contains a range of fast acting, effective components that neutralize any residual acidic components within seconds. TB-41 contains unique components that remove the complex chemistry of TB-30ND.


TB-42 | neutraliZing Fluid for TB-21ND and TB-25VIEW DETAILS »

Newly released TB-42 uses a modified formulation of TB-42 that includes improved wetting agents for better coverage, faster action to neutralise the effects of TB-21 and TB-25 residues, and improved solubility for easier removal with the final water rinse. TB-42 neutralising fluid is an important preventative step in the complete removal of any acidic chemicals on the work surface.


Application of a finishing fluid will increase surface reflectability and prevent your perfect finished surfaces from marking through handling.


Cleans, brightens but also resists handling marks by leaving a molecular level layer on the surface of the stainless steel. Wipe or spray the cooled finished surface with TB-50, rinse down with water then buff with a microfiber cloth to achieve a brilliant shine and fingerprint resistance.


Be proud of your work. Ensitech’s marking fluids can be used to permanently mark stainless with branding, part numbers, barcodes etc. Ask for details of our Branding Kit and custom stencils.

TB-90 | PRINTING Fluid for stainless steelVIEW DETAILS »

Used with your TIG Brush with a specially engineered conductive head and stencils, TB-90 creates permanent sharp and dark lettering, logos, or any other design on your stainless steel. The process is user friendly, safe and fast with outstanding results within seconds.

TB-95 | ENGRAVING Fluid for stainless steelVIEW DETAILS »

Used with your TIG Brush, a specially engineered conductive head and heat resistant stencils, TB-95 creates a sharp, clear engraving for lettering, logos, or any other design on your stainless steel. The process is unequaled in speed, ease and permanency in adding an engraving to stainless steel.


Don’t just take our word for it. Sample Packs are the perfect way to try our full range of award winning fluids to ensure your fluid choice will give you the performance you need.